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  • “ I nearly passed out when someone said, 'Akwaaba, Welcome Home.' ”

Accra, Ghana

Our travel itinerary is packed with guided-tours of historical landmarks in Accra, cultural events brought to us in our host hotel, and excursions to neighboring cities for must-see activities when in Ghana. However, one of the great opportunities of traveling with us is that we also support creating experiences of your own. We understand that sometimes, the most memorable moments are when you create a plan and carry it out. That is why we will have opportunities to relax, go to the beach and go to the mall, just like an everyday citizen.

“I enjoyed taking the taxi to the mall to see Black Panther. To be in the theater among Ghanaians, laughing out loud at some of the same parts of the movie, it was a great experience. It was great to just do an everyday thing.”

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